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May Appeal 2016


Sharing the story of a new Ukraine

Did you know that...

  • Ukraine is the largest country in Europe with 70% of its population living in urban areas.
  • Ukraine has a 99.7% literacy rate and the 4th most educated population in the world.
  • Ukraine has the no. 1 software engineering force in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Ukrainian E-commerce has grown 5 times over the last 5 years.
  • Ukraine is the no. 1 exporter of sunflower oil and the no. 2 exporter globally of grains.
  • During the one-year period beginning December 2014 through December 2015, Ukraine had either adopted or drafted new laws and developed reform strategies in nearly 50 specific areas of national interest.

Despite the harsh realities of the events that have transpired in Ukraine since November 2013, including the Revolution of Dignity, the illegal occupation of Crimea by the Russian Federation and its ongoing armed invasion of Eastern Ukrainian territories, the Ukrainian people are forging ahead with the democratization of their country, aspiring to become fully integrated in the European community.

This path, however, has presented new challenges with the realization that, generally, the European community is not fully aware of all Ukraine has to offer. The recent Dutch referendum was testimony to this.

In addition, a well-financed Russian disinformation campaign is aimed at convincing Europe, and the entire international community, that Ukraine is a failed state.

As Ukrainians living outside Ukraine, we have the opportunity and the means to present to the world the true face of the new Ukraine - a Ukraine that is open for investment, tourism, education, and innovation. The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) has made its priority the dissemination of information to raise awareness of Ukraine, its people and the immense unharnessed potential.

This focused awareness campaign will also serve to:

  • Convince the international community to extend the targeted sectoral sanctions against the Russian Federation until such time that the Minsk agreements are fully implemented and Russia ceases its illegal occupation of Crimea;
  • Support reforms in Ukraine that will further the implementation of the EU‑Ukraine Association Agreement and the visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens;
  • Support Ukrainian national minorities, including within the Russian Federation which has taken direct aim at the Ukrainian community and the UWC as the community’s link to the Ukrainian diaspora;
  • Defend fundamental freedoms and basic human rights throughout the world, and specifically in Crimea where national identities are being eradicated with the repressive actions of the Russian occupier; and
  • Support civil society, thus strengthening the core of the new Ukraine.

The UWC is working to make this world better, safer and more secure by promoting a Ukraine in which the basic rights and fundamental freedoms of every individual are respected and the rule of law prevails.

The UWC has built solid working relationships in Ukraine, throughout the European Union and around the world based on understanding and mutual respect, and common goals and objectives. The UWC has become an invaluable partner for Ukraine in its continued democratic development.

Milestones will soon be celebrated. Ukrainians will be commemorating the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s Proclamation of Independence on 24 August 2016 and the 50th anniversary of the UWC in 2017. The two historic paths are very closely intertwined. There has been no greater positive influence on the 20‑million-strong Ukrainian diaspora than 25 years of Ukrainian independence. The UWC wishes to ensure that the international community is also enriched by Ukraine’s independence.

Once Ukraine succeeds in protecting its independence and territorial integrity, in implementing serious reforms that will fully ingrain democracy and significantly reduce corruption, and in overcoming its current economic crisis to become a flourishing European country, this will be the greatest modern-day success story. The UWC and its member organizations must disseminate this message of hope. Your support will amplify our success in this endeavour.

I urge you to join the UWC and Ukrainians around the world in helping the international community to embrace Ukraine, thus making a positive and lasting impact on Ukraine’s future in Europe.

Become a supporter of the UWC. Your donation today will help the UWC ensure that this great story of a young, vibrant, developing democracy, exemplifying determination, courage and perseverance, becomes a source of inspiration to be shared and celebrated around the world.

Donations can be made:

  • By cheque payable to “Ukrainian World Congress” (no tax receipt will be issued) or to “Ukrainian World Foundation” (tax receipts will be issued to Canadian residents). Please mail cheques to: Ukrainian World Congress, 145 Evans Ave., Suite 207, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8Z 5X8.




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