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Ukrainian World Congress calls upon Inter-Parliamentary Union to reject proposal to convene Assembly in the Russian Federation

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) has called upon the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to reject the proposal to convene the 137th Assembly of the IPU scheduled for 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.

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UWC urges EU Leaders to strengthen sanctions against the Russian Federation and refrain from any policy of appeasement

In a letter issued on 19 October 2016, Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) President Eugene Czolij appealed to Leaders of the European Union (EU) to maintain and strengthen sanctions against the Russian Federation and refrain from considering any policy of appeasement in discussions on the future of relations between EU member states and the Russian Federation.

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UWC welcomes unanimous UNESCO decision to develop mechanism for monitoring human rights violations by Russian Federation in Crimea

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) welcomes the unanimous decision on 11 October 2016 of the Executive Board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to develop a results-oriented mechanism to monitor the human rights violations in illegally occupied by the Russian Federation Crimea.

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UWC creates Committee in Support of the Economic Development of Ukraine 

In accordance with a resolution of the Annual General Meeting of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) held 25-27 August 2016, the UWC has created the Committee in Support of the Economic Development of Ukraine. UWC Vice President Olena Koszarny has been appointed Chair of this new Committee and UWC Treasurer Zenon Potichny has been appointed as the first member of this Committee.


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UWC congratulates newly appointed UN Secretary-General

In a letter dated 14 October 2016 Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) President Eugene Czolij extended congratulations to the newly-appointed Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, on behalf of the 20-million-strong Ukrainian diaspora under the UWC leadership.

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UWC appalled by Moscow court decision to demolish Ukrainian church

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is appalled by the decision on 11 October 2016 of the Moscow Oblast Court to uphold the ruling of the Nohinsk municipal court calling for the demolition of the Holy Trinity Church of the Bohorodsk Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kyiv Patriarchate.

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 “Glory to Ukraine! – Glory to Heroes!”




E. Czolij іn Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

E. Czolij in the cabinet of ministers of ukraine

E. Czolij at the National Opera of Ukraine

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