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UWC strongly urges the international community to immediately take concrete measures in reaction to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops
Оn 28 August 2014 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made a statement about the sharp aggravation of the situation in Donetsk region, particularly in Amvrosiivka and Starobeshevo, and the fact that  Russian troops were brought into Ukraine.
As a result, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) strongly urges the international community, including NATO, the United Nations, the  G7 and the European Union, to immediately react to this invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops by providing Ukraine with military and technical aid, and freezing Russia`s assets and stopping Russia`s banking transactions in the G7 countries and EU member countries until Russia removes its troops from Ukraine.
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Priority Issues
Ukrainian World Congress President meets with Prime Minister of Ukraine and signs Memorandum on Cooperation
On 28 August 2014 in Kyiv in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the President of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), Eugene Czolij, joined by members of the UWC leadership, met with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk and signed a Memorandum on Cooperation between the Ukrainian World Congress and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (Memorandum). 

View video of signing ceremony.
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Ukrainians around the world
Ukrainian World Congress encourages continued perseverance on the 23rd anniversary of Ukraine’s independence
On this 23rd anniversary of Ukrainian independence being marked on 24 August 2014 the Ukrainian people continue to face Russia’s unrelenting aggression as it attempts, yet again, to suppress the will of the Ukrainian people to live in a free, democratic and Euro-integrated Ukraine.
When Ukraine’s previous governing authorities refused to sign the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement as planned in November 2013, the Ukrainian people made their aspirations known and, at great cost, they brought about a historic change, including the signing of this agreement on 27 June 2014.
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Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

Project: Patriot Defence needs your support
UWC calls for FIFA to revoke Russia's privilege

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Shevchenko 200
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On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko, on 5 July 2014 the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) resolved to produce an insignia titled “200 years since the birth of Taras Shevchenko.”


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