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Ukrainian World Congress opens Mission to International Organizations in Brussels 20 February: Nebesna Sotnia Heroes Day

On 20 February 2017 the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) opened the UWC Mission to International Organizations in Brussels coinciding with Nebesna Sotnia Heroes Day. The UWC Mission was established to expedite the advancement of the European choice of the Ukrainian people that was fully supported by the Ukrainian diaspora and for which the Nebesna Sotnia Heroes sacrificed their lives.

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Ukrainians World Congress pays tribute to Nebesna Sotnia Heroes on third anniversary of Revolution of Dignity

On 20 February 2017 the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) and Ukrainians around the world joined the people of Ukraine in paying tribute to the Nebesna Sotnia Heroes whose sacrifice must always serve as a reminder for the entire international community of the principles and values which Ukrainians still today are forced to protect from a foreign aggressor.

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UWC calls upon the international community to increase pressure on Russian Federation to release illegally detained Ukrainian journalists

he Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) calls upon the international community, including human rights organizations and journalists throughout the world, to increase pressure on the Russian Federation to release Ukrainian journalists unlawfully detained by the Russian Federation.

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UWC appeals to high-ranking international officials to take action in response to major artillery attacks in Eastern Ukraine by Russian military forces

In letters dated 3 February 2017 to high-ranking officials within the international community, Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) President Eugene Czolij appealed for active measures in response to the most recent major artillery attacks in Eastern Ukraine by Russian military forces in direct violation of the Minsk agreements.

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UWC urges human rights organizations to act on reports of persecution of human rights lawyers in Crimea

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is very concerned by reports of the persecution of human rights lawyers by the Russian occupying authorities on the Crimean peninsula and urges international human rights organizations to take effective action to protect the rights of the defenders in fulfilling their professional obligations.

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UWC International Educational Coordinating Council launches project “Honouring the Past for a Better Future”

On 29 December 2016, Tania Kohut, the President of the Ukrainian Writers for Children and Youth (UWCY), donated $10,000 on behalf of the community organization to the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) International Educational Coordinating Council (IECC) for a joint project entitled “Honouring the Past for a Better Future”.

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E. Czolij іn Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

E. Czolij in the cabinet of ministers of ukraine


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